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The FIGURES section goes into some detail about my ideas and methods of painting these and other items.
Please note that my painting technique is designed to produce figures that photograph to look like real people and to look like real people when viewed at a normal layout viewing distance. Thus to some they may look crude but given the foregoing the method works!
The LAYOUTS section describes some of my layouts that are no longer around, and my current layouts in 0 scale standard and narrow gauge, and G scale narrow gauge.
The MISCELLANEOUS section is just that. Miscellany!
The ABOUT ME section should be self explanatory!

SITE UPLOADED 29 June 2003

PLEASE NOTE: Nearly all the images that appear on a main page have a link to a larger version that has some added written information. These pages usually link to each other so you can work your way through them.
The site has 4 areas or sections. Each one has a Home page (e.g FIGURES) and may have subsections, and these in turn have sub-sections and so on. Hopefully you can tell where you are as you go along.
To look at my icon, the Duchess, again click here. To see a result of my painting technique look at this image.
If you want to know "why" I paint a figure the way I do right now I suggest you click HERE. If not go to FIGURES and carry on from there to find out how I do it.The FIGURES section describes my theory and method of painting figures in any scale from N to G to look more like the real thing. Here find Shadows Theory which explains just that. The mechanics are covered in Painting Introduction, Painting O figures, Painting HO figures and Painting structures. The PhotoGallery contains a number of images showing some of the results.
July 20 2006: The August 2006 issue of RAILWAY MODELLER features KNOTTS WHARF as the Railway of the Month. This marks the 52nd anniversary of my first RM article!
I have been railway modelling for many years and in this site I talk about my figure painting and some of the other tricks I have learned, some of the layouts I have built, and anything else that takes my fancy. Most of the ideas covered are applicable to any scale/ gauge combination.
This site is my first attempt at building a website. Over time it has grown, and grown and now seems rather unwieldy. I would love to reorganise it and simplify the navigation system but this would involve a total rebuild. Meanwhile the thing seems to work. There are a lot of images, and I think I have the sizes user friendly. Note the extensive use of thumbnails so you do not have to wait too long before images appear on a page. Most of these thumbnails are linked to a larger image which comes with some written information. Thus you get an added bonus for your effort in clicking on a thumbnail.
I like indented paragraphs! This involves putting little spacers at the beginning of the first line. I know this looks ugly as the pages load, and doubtless makes the programming experts tear out their hair, but it is too late to do anything about it now.
I uploaded this site on June 29 2003. Since then there have been many changes. To my amazement the site is now averaging over 100 visits, and about 450 pages/day.
The site was built on a 12" Apple iBook using Adobe GoLive 7.0. I have no knowledge of HTML code. GoLive has been very easy to use and I am saddened to hear the Adobe now have Dreamweaver and GoLive is a thing of the past.

I would appreciate any feedback you might have so feel free to email me at: