The base from which you explore figure painting!

Have you ever noticed when you look at a photograph of a model railway, and there is a figure in it, the figure will nearly always give the game away! The figures look flat and artificial. The painting technique that I have come up with creates, in a way, false shadows giving the illusion of the missing third dimension. Whilst I model in British 0 scale (1:43 compared with North American 0 at 1:48) I have used the technique on scales from N to G with equal success.
Click on an image to get a larger one and some more writing.
Two Rosies and Lister - small
Rosie the Riveter on the left is painted in the usual way, and her twin on the right is painted my way. I hope you can see a difference and agree that the one on the right looks more realistic. The same holds for the pair below. Click on either image to find out more about it.
2 Preiser O figures
To learn about my theory of shadows and how I paint figures visit the other pages in this section. I suggest you start at "Shadows Theory" and work on from there if you are new to the site.
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