Painting HO figures
As always nothing ever stays the same! I have now discovered a somewhat simplified method of painting primarily HO, and similar size, figures. If you want to view the web source of this click HERE. The images below show how the technique works in my hands. As usual there is a bigger image and some verbiage attached to each of the thumbnails.
2 whitened ladies
2 shepherds - front
If you are new to this site and have not looked at the Theory page before coming here I suggest you do that now.
2 shepherds - rear
Figures with a dog
Figures from the back
Figures with a goat
My preferred paint is artist tube acrylic. These can be expensive unless you can find a cheap starter set. The liquid acrylic paints found in 2 fl oz plastic containers in art and craft stores can also be used. Some of these paints can be quite liquid and consequently difficult to use for my technique. I am indebted to my friend Peter Magoun for the following tips. Pete uses the metal lids from frozen juice (concentrate) cans as palettes. Cheap, and small so don't take up too much space on the workbench. If the paint is too thin to get the coverage you want transfer some to a piece of scrap cardboard. Some water will be absorbed so the paint, especially round the edges, will be thicker. Experiment and you will soon get the feel of what to do. I directed Pete to the website I have mentioned above a while ago and he got the hang of things pretty rapidly. You have the advantage of some added images and description.
This technique also works with other scales. I have used it successfully on G scale figures for instance.
Figures and hands
This little lot here is what I used to have for you HO modellers. If you are really dedicated the "old" way still produces the best result but time.......
Figures on card
Figures on sprue
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