Painting large scale figures
Initially I had set this page up with the large images and accompanying verbiage. On reviewing it on the large screen of a friend I decided that there was a definite advantage in having a series of images that show the sequence of events at one glance so as to speak. So, here theyare.
The preliminary dry brushing with white works just as well with large figures, such as Phil this 1:24 scale figure by SLM, as it does with the smaller scale figures. As always, the better the figure the better the result.
The figure primed with matt black as always! As usual, the better the figure the better the end result.
White drybrushed across the grain, so as to speak, picks out the high spots.
It is often worth while going over the white with a smaller brush and a thinner mix to get a good even coat of colour. The white in the folds helps later when adding a light colour as you don't need to add as much paint to lighten these areas up.
Using a thinnish mix colour has been added to the shrt area. The "B" folds have been covered but the black on the "A" edges has been left untouched.
A bit more colour has been added to the shirt and the pants have now been painted.
Unfortunately I omitted to take any intermediate images to show how I got to this stage. Essentially the colour was drybrushed over the face and then most of the black/dark areas filled in. I paint the colour back into the eye area to leave a thin black line and then add a spot of white on the inner and outer edge. The lips get a line of red applied. The right eye obviously needs attention and the lips do as well.
The finished figure. The eyes now look reasonable and so do the lips. A touch of white on the eyebrows added character to the face. All that is need now is the final coat of Testors Dullcote.
Phil is revelling in his glory. Dutch is still in the dark awaiting his turn in the paint shop. Hal could do with a visit there as well to cover up the blue splotch on his pants!