Come to King Arthur country!

Camelot logo
Long shot Camelot at a show
Camelot was 30 x 2.5 feet on 9 baseboards. It had its own lighting gantry and was draped all around the back. The operating crew wore black turtle necks. Operation was to a sequence timetable, and it was a lot of fun to operate. Coupling was by remote control using electromagnets and B & B couplers. This was a hands off operation that baffled many an onlooker. Over the years it was under development it was taken to many shows, so people could follow progress made. It was operated as shown above between 1992 and 1995. It was then in a home in Toronto before getting scrapped in 1998. The end baseboard lives on as the foundation of Underneath the Arches.
Colour image Camelot goods yard
The end
Station building end
View left end of station
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