Round and round we go!

Arches logo Overhead view platform side Overhead view workshops side
Arches was born out of frustration. The old underpinnings from Camelot had been turned into supports for a new layout in the basement of a room I had added to the house. Then my mother-in-law moved into a retirement home and my new baseboards supported boxes of her possessions. Searching through the back of the garage I came across the end baseboard of Camelot. At 40 x 48 inches it would just fit into my Quest minivan. A new exhibition layout was underway.
There are two track levels. The lower has 16.5 mm gauge with a very short length of 32 mm, and the upper has 9 mm gauge and a short length of 6 mm track. The dividing viaduct idea came to me early one morning and provided the ideal scenic break on what became a highly detailed tail chaser.
Arches was The Feature Article in the September/October 2003 issue of Narrow Gauge and Shortlines Gazette. Quite an honour.
As usual, all the images below are linked to larger ones with information about them. Needless to say, pay special attention to the figures.
Much activity on the two levels
Coming round the bend
Passing Anglo-Porters
The tram and train rumbles by
Trio and painter
Sentinel steamer on passenger train
Railbus and tram set to race each other
Road gang at work
One of my favourite scenes on Arches
The crane
Passenger train
All set up