Gn15 - Big scale, footprint!

Red Fox logo
Red Fox Park Sign
General view
Gn15 is an interesting scale/gauge combination. It is 1:24 scale running on 16.5mm gauge (HO or OO) track. This represents almost exactly 15 inches in the prototype. This type of line served all sorts of little industries like peat bogs, gravel pits, saw mills, mining operations and so on. Whilst much commoner in the UK and Europe there were some commercial operations in the USA.
Red Fox was built to entertain and show off Gn15. The track plan is pretty simple as you can see: A loop and 3 sidings.
Click on any image below to see a larger one and some comments on it.
Birdseye Lister passing by the Porter
Close up of Porter
The Park train passing hut
Sideview Park train
The Porter passing tree
Fred on the Gnat
Gnat at work
3 Sidelines locos
The Lister at work
Lister passes Porter
Plan view Black Cat
Plan view Red Fox
Through the trees
Red Fox is featured in the Nov/Dec 2004 Narrow Gauge & Shortlines Gazette