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RAILWAY MODELLER - Peco Publications
1954 August

A simple scenic background. (1p)
A good background can make or mar a layout.
1964 February

Home from home. (3p)
Dr.Brian W.K.Fayle describes his 4mm.-scale terminus layout built to bring a part of Britain to Canada.
1966 October

If at first... (5p)
Progress towards a good layout is not always smooth but trial and error will usually solve all problems. (This article also introduced L-girder construction to the UK).
1969 July

Getting on the right track. (2p)
Brian Fayle shows you how he lays out his control panels using prototype pattern signal box diagrams as a key.
1970 January

Harlyn Junction (Cover photo)(Railway of the Month). (8p)
Brian Fayle has captured in 4mm scale the true Great Western flavour. Yet he lives in Canada, far from the prototype.
1972 August

Simple stock conversions. Wrenn vans to G.W. (3p)
Brian Fayle details the steps needed to convert these popular models into reasonably accurate GWR models.
1971 March

60 plans for small railways. (1p)
Cover photograph.
2006 August

Knotts Wharf (Railway of the Month) (8p)
This mix of railway and inland waterway was built in Canada by Brian Fayle
NB: Photos are by Brian (not Jeffrey )Fayle
TETSUDO MOKEI SHUMI (Hobby of Model Railroading ) (Japan)
1971 April Harlyn Junction. (11p)
THE BRMNA JOURNAL - The British Railway Modellers of North America journal
1988 ?? Camelot Part 1 (?) (Have lost my copy!)
1989 Jan/Feb Camelot Part 2 (6p)
1989 Mar/April Camelot Part 3 (5)
1996 January

Standing in the shadows. (5p)
Probably the most difficult part of any layout to portray with realism are the figures, animal and human, which our layouts need to finish them off. In this second Paintshop Special, author Brian Fayle suggests a novel approach to solve these problems.
1997 Dec/1998 Jan

Bridging the gap. (1p)
Someone once defined an engineer as someone who could do for a nickel what any fool could do for a dollar. Perhaps the purpose of the epithet was to point out that effective solutions aren't necessarily expensive solutions, as Brian Fayle demonstrates in constructing an essential bridge.
1999 November

Out of the shadows or how to paint a perfect population in any scale. (5p)
Even on the most superbly detailed layouts where the viewer is almost convinced he's looking at the real scene, the one feature which often gives the game away is unrealistic figures. On a visit from Canada, Brian Fayle demonstrated his figure-painting technique at Gauge 'O' Guild's Telford show before stopping off at our photographic studios to give Model Rail readers a personal demonstration.
1997 Jan/Feb

Shadows: the secret to painting figures (4p)
Making it easier.
2003 Jul/Aug
Next issue Preview (1/10p)
2003 Sep/Oct

Feature Article: Underneath the Arches (5p)
Food for thought
2004 Sep/Oct
Next issue Preview (1/10p)
2004 Nov/Dec The Red Fox Amusement Park (5.5p)
A Gn15 Layout With a Twist
Knotts Wharf. (6p)
An O scale exhibition layout that combines ideas from two worlds.
NARROW LINES - The 7mm Narrow Gauge Association journal
1997 Feb/Mar #103 The secret of Figure Painting (1p)
1999 Oct/Nov #119

Reflections on..... (3p)
...Canals, ...Bachmann Bogies, ...Harnessing Horses, ...Ferrocarril Austral Fuegino
2000 Oct/Nov #125 Painting 1:43 scale figures - another approach. (2p)
2001 Feb/Mar #127

Underneath the Arches (5p)
Early construction
2001 Oct/Nov #131

Another Bachmann 0N30 'Porter" gets anglicised. (2p)
A nice running model that is not overly expensive loses its Yankee look.
2003 Aug/Sep #142

Underneath the Arches Part 2 (8p)
Latest developments on Brian Fayle's ehibition layout first featured in Narrow Lines 127
2005 Feb/Mar #151

(Cover photo) The Illustrated Underneath the Arches. (4p)
A pictorial update on this compact exhibition layout
THE "CANADIAN" - The Canadian Association of Railway Modellers journal
2004 May/June #3 Small Layouts (1.5p)
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