Places I find interesting and hope you will too
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British Railway Modellers of North America site contains good links to other British sites.
Canadian Association of Railway

This is just what it says it is. The site is well worth looking at for the Links section which leads to a cornucopia of finds in addition to the things of interest to Canadian modellers.
Carl Arendt

Interested in small layouts? The place to head. His book on the subject was highly rated by Railroad Model Craftsman.
Gn15 Information site

Through my Red Fox Park layout I am now deeply involved with the merry band behind this stuff. The GnATTERbox Forum is now where it is all happening.
Humbug & Honeydew RR

Don Gage has modelled an American type scene in Gn15. Admire his Bachmann Porter conversion.
Ian is a Gn15 fanatic! He built his own web site and inspired me to build mine! A must to visit therefore. 20/Feb/11 Must find out where his new site is.
This takes you to an interesting image. Know another park line with a roller coaster? The line even goes through the hill in a tunnel! Colin thought of Red Fox as soon as he visited. It is near Ripon in North Yorkshire.

Michael Taylor

Another old friend discovered through browsing! Lots of interesting stuff here. Trains, buses, hotels etc.
Pepper 7

Pepper 7 is where you go to buy some of the items that can be seen on Arches and Red Fox. Lots of neat things for 09, 016.5 and Gn15.
Platelayers Society

The Toronto area group I belong to. They run The Great British Train Show in April every even year.
Repertoire ferroviare

This is the site of Michel Marin who has 9000 sites listed on rail items. It is all in French (unless you get a site translator to work on it). An interesting, addictive place to wander in. To find me >access par categories >modelisme >divers modelisme >d m sites d'Amerique >paint model figures. This one of only about 10 entries highlighted in red!
S & D Models

David Sutton has been making wonderful white metal/pewter castings for years for the 7mm modeller. He is now the maker and purveyor of Phoenix figures. Go pay him a visit!
SLM Models

Makers of Jon, Andy & Daisy, Fred and Clyde, workers at the Red Fox Park.
Schomberg Scale Models

Have to have this one in because owner Chris exhibits interesting layouts with me. Supplier of 1:48 & G scale scenic items from his basement castatorium.
The 7mm Narrow Gauge Assoc.

The home base of one of my favourite groups. The store sells 7mm items to members and is a good source of items if you are not in the UK.
A massive site with all sorts of information and links to model shops, groups and you name it.
A 15" gauge line to show you what Gn15 looks like full size - if you follow me!

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