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My full name is Brian William Knott Fayle and I am a retired Diagnostic Radiologist. I have been interested in railways for a long time as the image of my brother and myself playing in the sand box at our home in Dursley, Gloucestershire proves. That is me on the right. My first move into print was a short article on a simple back drop I made for a diorama my brother and I made to display some 4mm scale road vehicles we made from card and wood. These were based on Modelcraft plans. I still have a collection of them. The photo on the right dates back to this time - 1953-54.
Age 8?
Age 23
Age 10
Many years later I am still involved with modelling railways. I have been exhibiting my assorted layouts for about 20 years. Here I am at Ottawa with an admiring audience. I hope some of the young people who get lost in the intricacies of Arches remember it one day and are inspired to build their own layout.
Age 70