Gn15 Layouts at Schomberg Narrow Gauge Show!
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The first Ontario Narrow Gauge Convention, presented by Narrow Gauge Madness, was held in Schomberg on April 22 2006
There were 13 layouts present and 6 of these were Gn15! This page is devoted to these layouts.
(Unlike my other pages this one has no thumbnails. Just the straight stuff!)
Overall view of hall
Overall view of the layout floor.
Upton Whent Manor Estate Railway
The Upton Whent Manor Estate Railway, to give it its full name, by myself, shows the stable area in an English Estate whose Victorian builder was a disciple of Sir Arthur Heywood. Details of the development of this layout can be found at
The Bewdley Brick Company works
Bewdley Brickworks is the creation of Christopher Creighton, the man behind Schomberg Scale Models. It is filled with reject samples of his castings! Familiarity breeds contempt, so they say, and having exhibited with Chris for a long time I don't have any more images handy.
Cold Creek Granite overhead
The Cold Creek Granite & Monument Co. was built by Dave Mehew. It features some wonderful trees and an osprey's nest. A feature of Dave's layouts has always been the lighting supplied, in protypical fashion, from the transformer on the pole.
The osprey nest looms overhead
The stone collection
Pine trees and osprey nest again
Crouton Gin Works overview
The Crouton Gin Works is set somewhere in Upper Faylesylvania and is the work of Scott Buschlen. It is very "atmospheric". Great use has been made of a Peco N turntable. Other images can be seen at Go to Gnatterbox - Forum - Modelling Matters - The Copetown Show .(Use the "Search" function to find it as it is probably deep in the files by now!)
Long shot
Ruty old pickup truck
The chicken coop
Rawson Bros Firewood Company overview
Out of small beginnings, great things can grow! Rawson Bros Firewood Tramway is going to be set in the wilds of Muskoka cottage country north of Toronto. The builder, Ian Thompson, lives there and loves the wilderness. An eclectic collection of stock has already been assembled.
Some of Ian's great weathering on loco and stock
Tank car and hopper
Another loco with wood car and ancient van
Snow plough and short log cars
Yet more incredible weathering on loco and tank car
Small tool car and hopper
Burchells' Factory overview
Burchell's Directional Signal Fluid Factory is the fantasy creation of Jim Burchell. Unfortunately the layout was tucked away in a badly lit corner and hand held exposures didn't work for good closeups!
Another view of Burchell.
There has been discussion in the forum on monorails. We had one at the show!
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