WINKY - The "Littlest" Brookville - Part I
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Chris Creighton, of Schomberg Scale Models, has produced a nice 1:22.5 scale kit based on Winky. Winky is a small Brookville "Cranberry Special". These small units were light and powerful and ideal for use on the bogs. Winky was built in 1949 for a company that worked a peat bog near Port Colborne in the Niagara Peninsula area of Southern Ontario. When the company closed down Bobber Gibbs acquired her and now has her up North of Toronto.
Some of my photos of her, which I used to help superdetail the SSM kit, are in Parts 1 & II. Part III covers the modelling.

As is my usual custom, all the following images are linked to a larger one with some added comment. You can work your way back and forth down, or up, the line from one to the other.
Two websites of possible interest are:
This has some images of Winky and the original peat cars she hauled. It also has a useful list of articles that have been published on Winky.
A copy of Peter Foley's original plan in a Light Iron Digest issue now out of print.
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