Part III: Binky - my super-detailed SSM kit
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The Prototype The Model

The Schomberg Scale Models kit of Winky was a major venture for my good friend Chris Creighton. It makes up into a very good representation of the original. However, with any kit there is always room for improvement. Using my collection of photos, some of which are shown on the preceding pages, I decided to superdetail the kit. First are some models of Winky and then some thoughts on building my model.

As usual on my site each of these images is linked to a page with a larger image and some verbiage. These pages are also linked so you can work your way back and forth through them.
Young's Winky
Buschlen's Winky
Carl Arendt - Gn15 SSM kit
Brian Fayle - Gn15 - SSM kit