Harlyn/Coaley diagrams
Harlyn Junction was a pretty good copy of Coaley Junction albeit it a reversed version. The beauty of basing a model station on a prototype is that you have good operating potential if you do an intelligent trimming operation to fit your available space. Harlyn was a lot of fun to operate as you could shunt (switch) in a prototypical manner. I highly recommend putting in a branch line, however short. It adds to operation in all sorts of ways. The one from Harlyn went to Coombe Bishop, another prototypical clone, this time of Helston in Cornwall. Coaley has two overbridges. These very UK structures are great for disguising exits to hidden trackage and for breaking up a scene into sections. The mainline comes in on the left from a 6 foot train turntable that had 4 tracks on it. This was situated in the middle of the room about where the Coaley plan is on the diagram above. To the right the main went on to a terminus based on Kingswear that I never did finish.
Many were the hours I spent at Coaley junction when I was growing up. It was about a half hour bike ride from home. The two overbridges made ideal train spotting sites.There was always lots of activity as the main was that between Bristol and Gloucester. The Dursley branch loco was an LMS 0-6-0T called by all The Dursley Donkey. This operated a push-pull service up and down the branch.