During test runs on the trackwork shown in the previous two images it was obvious that something was terribly wrong on the right hand curve. Closer inspection showed that there was a kink in one of the rails. This proved impossible to remove. I then learnt that I should have removed the rails from the tie strip, bent them carefully to near needed radius and reinserted them before fixing the track in place. Only one thing to do then, hand lay the right hand curve. Great care was taken to ensure there were no narrow spots and the gauge was very slightly on the wide side. A few test runs later and all the locos ran round nicely.
Another look will show you that the curves are not a uniform radius They are sharper at the front than at the back. This arose because I had to decrease radius from the two HO switches. Amazingly the Bachmann 0n30 2-6-0 Mogul will go round without the tender!
Note also the blown up reversed copy of the Black Cat Mine layout glued to the foam.